Mr. T. Oyewole,
CEO Tribes International

Tyrone Oyewole graduated from the INHolland  University in Business and Management Studies.He has a wide experience in businessdevelopment and management of commercial projects. He has a valuable network of financial partners and knows how to link knowledge, resources, and investment parties.
Oyewole is a strategic expert and knows how to make win-win deals.


Telephone: +31 685152467

Tyrone Oyewole

Mr. C.W. Botermans,
COO/CTO Tribes International

Wouter Botermans holds a MSc. Petroleum Engineering from the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands.
During the past 25 years he worked in research, field engineering and training in the oil and gas industry and geothermal energy business.
Botermans has worked for various major oil and contractor companies and has a proven track record of successful projects and developments.


Telephone:+31 653557764

Wouter Botermans