Uganda – Invitation to invest

The opportunity

In February 2020 Tribes Resources visited Uganda. A dataroom was visited and an early production development project was identified.

  • Develop oil field in Uganda
  • Create opportunities for further exploration and production of oil and gas in Africa.
  • Location: onshore Uganda – Lake Albert
  • STOIIP: 42 million bbl
  • Hydrocarbon type:  Oil (30 °API)
  • Expected reserves: 10 million bbl
  • Current value: $ 700 million (at 70 $/bbl)
  • Plan: drill 3 wells, construct facilities and pipelines


  • 2 wells drilled
  • Moveable oil proven
  • Biggest structure with possible hydrocarbons in Uganda
  • Integrated development with other opportunities possible
  • Significant exploration potential: STOIIP >400 million bbl


  • Confirmation of feasibility
  • Health, Safety and Environment
  • Local content development

More information available after signing MOU.

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